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I drive Audi A6, and until recently, I was really happy with it. Actually I still am happy with it 🙂 But, as mechanical things go, one day my car warned me blinking at me with one of the orange control lamps at the dashboard, that something is not OK with its exhaust / air intake systems. I checked user manual and Audi told me there to visit service as soon as possible. I was then in Krakow, Poland, so I did. I imagined that since I drive Audi, I can expect proper and quick service, or at least that someone will plug my car in and read the actual error code and tell me if I can drive with it for a while. Boy, was I wrong.

First service station was Audi dealer called Auto Special, where I had to wait for a service representative for a while. When he finally came, it was apparent that he was enjoying his cigarette break. He told me that he has no chance to have a look at the car now and that I would have to leave it with them for 5 hours, until the end of the business day. On my question if he has any cars available so I can stay mobile, he said that he doesn’t know. Five hours to plug a damn laptop in seemed like a long time, so I went to the second service point, called Beltowski, on the other end of the city. There I needed to go to service point where also Volkswagen is serviced and I was told… you got it. No chance. They cannot have a look at the car, as many cars were towed in over the weekend (that was Monday) and he has only 3 mechanics working, and… whatever.

I left also that dealership without getting any help. I have no idea what Audi is thinking – my car was not registered in Poland, so it was obvious that I needed some attention, or proper customer service – so at least I would have some peace of mind when driving back home. Especially that it was them who put that “come to service asap” in the manual. Maybe they should add a sentence: come to us, but we will service you if that will not be Monday; we will have more than 3 people working in the service, and if not too many of our soooo reliable cars will not get towed in over the preceding days and someone will be able to plug in our computer to see what’s wrong.

If that is too much to expect from Audi, then I don’t know what I can really expect from them for the relatively steep price. So if you considered buying an Audi thinking that with its price tag comes some guarantee of future attention and quality of service, think again. At least in Krakow.