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Recently I read somewhere, that I should make notes of what I read and review them from time to time. I decided to give it a try, since I read a lot and I think making such notes will be for me a way of remembering best ideas, quotes, or whatever from my books and magazines. I also decided to share those notes with you, in edited form as some have gotten pretty long. In many cases I copied whole passages without noting the page numbers, which is against good reference practices, but of course I will list title and author of a book (or article) where I got the notes from.

I do that with hope that at least some of you will reach for mentioned magazine or book when you will find my notes interesting. Ach, one more thing: small number of notes do not mean that the book or magazine was not good…

Here is what I noted from the book “Mortality” by Christopher Hitchens:

“…Until you have done something for humanity”, wrote the great American educator Horace Mann, “you should be ashamed to die…”

I noted that knowing that there is, at least for most of us, a fat chance of not being ashamed to die 🙂

The book is a collection of articles (essays?) written by Mr. Hitchens when “living dyingly” of cancer. Amazing book, I was very saddened by it and, I must admit, somewhat jealous of his character strength. I like Hitchens (although I do not necessarily agree with everything he says), this was my second book of his and definitely not the last one.

Somewhere in that book Hitchens says that courage is a matter of choice. Read this book and figure out yourself if he had that choice. Does anyone have it, in similar situation?