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I have recently (last year, about end of October) bought through Amazon a fitness band from Garmin called vivosmart. About 6 weeks later, it broke. From start it was charging all right but then the charge lasted less and less, and eventually it stopped charging at all. I needed to send this unit for repair – paying for it myself – and after couple of weeks of waiting I have received a replacement unit in return.

Before it stopped working unit was showing difficulties in syncing with its own application, I will not bother with listing the whole list of errors here, as you can check them yourself in Garmin forum here. Garmin issues some updates, but those don’t solve all the issues, sometimes creating new ones. Before update calendar was not syncing properly, after update to the newest firmware the sync problem still persists, but now of different kind. This is just one of the examples – some people went through as many as 4 units when they finally gave up.

Up to my problems with vivosmart I associated Garmin with quality, but now I associate it with a company which does not care about their own products, worse of all, they don’t care about their customers. I regret not checking that forum before I made purchase decision… but you are now warned. And what is pissing me off the most is the fact that Garmin – through the same forum – is informed. They know. And do very little about it.

Well, the market for all sorts of wearables is big. If you want to buy one, pick something else. Or at least read that forum and then make a decision.