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I have a business class ticket with British Airways for flight to the US tomorrow and my assistant tried to check me in, as we are travelling together with another person, we wanted to sit across aisle for long distance flight. She tried three times entering my passport number and because BA system had some other number saved it blocked further entries for the next 24 hours. That part I can (force myself to) understand – computer does not know if someone is trying to enter some passport number and blocks the system for security reasons, whatever those are (like checking someone in without him knowing about it??? After all, booking number and name must match). In any case OK, web page is blocked for 24 hours. Full of hope I called Vienna BA number and spoke to living person there and guess what? She could not do anything.

My question to BA is – what here in that process is something you could call customer support? In what way BA supported me, paying passenger? In none. Zero. Human could not override system decision. Person at BA office did check my identity – what for? To waste my time additionally? BA, your service sucks… because it is not there. I (passenger) save you time and money (because none of your workers has to do it) by checking in online and you even will not allow it or support me when needed??? This is bollocks.