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I started this four years ago, and keeping up with self-inflicted tradition, here are some stats added to last year’s (from here):

…………………….First Year   Second Year  Third Year  Fourth Year   Total

Books read          25              20                34             47                126

Posts                   130            78                74             39                321

Followers             74              75                70             24                243

Hits                     3365          5384             4707         4673           18129

Since it is obvious that I posted much less last year, about half of what I did in 2014, I gained fewer visitors and followers. Some of it lies in fact that I did much less photography. I also posted less in general categories, meaning my thoughts. In exchange, I posted more of my paintings, this is now where I spent much of my free time. That and obviously reading. Major difference here is that earlier I posted some insights from books I read, this year I did not do that.

Those statistics are thought-provoking. It is obvious that I failed to do what I intended to (post more often), and I can see that here I need to work on myself. I am still happy that I managed to continue this, I often come back to my own posts to show some friends my images or paintings. I don’t do this for commerce related reasons, meaning that I am not posting for followers trying to hit a popular vein, I suppose that one of the reasons (in addition to my posts not being that much interesting) why I don’t get that many followers or views is that I don’t write exclusively about a particular subject. I tend to be all over the place. I am curious though if this wake up call in terms of statistics will make me post more.

For the fourth time, to all of you who are still with me: Thank You!