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Soon I will have read 100 books since I started keeping track using that blog, which is since 3rd of August, 2011, exactly (see here). In 3 and a half years, 100 books – add to it magazines and all other crap I read during work, and it is something. Could be more. Maybe will be.

Of course I used to read quite a lot also previously, but then books I was reading were different. I used to go through a lot of crime, war stories, suspense, fantasy or science fiction books. Now I read literature having to do with fact or science. This change is a definite result of my MBA studies, I just got hooked and I read a lot of this because it interests me: I don’t have to do it, neither for studies (which are long done) nor for work. I read now crime or suspense only to have a break and relax a bit.

Of course I don’t remember everything I read, but I hope that at least something remains in my brain. Since there is a lot of topics I read on, there is (hopefully) a lot, even little, somethings that remain. It gives me new perspective and new understanding of what is going on around me. With every book that perspective broadens, even if just a little bit. On top of this my imagination keeps running and those books do give my brain cells hell of a workout.

My advice? Read. Read a lot. Whatever you read, it will be beneficial to you. If you don’t know something, you are interested in something, read on it. I’m, for one, glad that I have that habit. I just wish I could read and understand, or keep, more from all those books.