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Recently I finished reading “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” by Shunryu Suzuki, a book which I read only because I found it in Steve Jobs biography. Out of curiosity I followed this path and… Well. I like it – I think.

I definitely like the notion that mind already filled with whatever convictions is not that much ready to receive any wisdom as beginner’s mind, an empty mind. An expert already knows better. Beginner is always ready to learn.

The book is about practice of Zen, and offers some insights into Zen itself. I am not a specialist in that area at all, but what I like is that Zen can help you find the balance, help you not too stress too much. In Zen, everything is in the flow, there is no tomorrow, or yesterday. There is only your breathing like wind passing through flapping door. In… Out. Concentrate on this, sit in a position, and try to find the balance without trying to find it. Shed all what is troubling you and see that it will pass or it will not be. It is of course great simplification, but describing an experience which you have not lived through yourself is definitely not easy.

I never practiced Zen in any form. I am drawn to it by this possibility that maybe you can, through meditation, quiet yourself down, see everything in perspective. See also that you yourself will pass, that you are already a part of big whatever. That part – if I understood it right – is not so joyful. but maybe one can pick what’s good and leave out the rest. I will try to read some more about the subject – if I find anything good – and then see. Maybe one day I will sit in lotus position and start concentrating on my breathing. Meditate. Why not?