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In September issue of HBR there is a case / article about a guy going off to an executive school paid by a company he worked for. He promised to get back to that company and work there for some time after the school will be over and he will get his degree. As it happens a lot in life, the guy got a job offer from some other company. The case was analysed by some experts, which argued a point if it was OK to break a promise and go accept that new offer. For me, not. No point in arguing anything, I think that whatever those experts say (as far as I can remember, one was in favour) did not agree with my values.

And in this (December) issue of HBR, I found this on page 27:

“…What on earth is happening? When did breaking one’s word become a subject that was actually debatable? When did it mutate into conduct that was acceptable? Does offering a bucket of self-satisfying excuses and incorrect rationalizations for that behavior alter the situation? What are we due for next? Is it OK to steal? Is it OK to lie? Is it Ok to commit a misdemeanor? A felony? Is adultery acceptable?  Right is right. Wrong is wrong.” Gene Bujoll, retired.

Gene, well said. HBR – shitty case, but nice come back with publishing that opinion. That is why I like you.