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Rock n’ Roll is alive! We went yesterday to live performance of Slash with Conspirators and Myles Kennedy (here is the list of songs they played). I am not a fan of Mr. Kennedy, as his voice sounds too high for me (or too squeaky), but yesterday all was well and forgiven. I think that Slash has picked him because he sounds close to Axel – being so much more reliable than Axel 🙂

I am of the generation which still remembers the Guns n’ Roses. I went to their live performance in Prague at Strahov Stadium in May 1992, where we hired a bus to get there from Krakow. Believe me, it was a party bus… 🙂 I found today a YouTube video of that concert here. Brings back sweet memories…

Over twenty years has passed from that time, a whole generation of music fans. Rock fared better and worse in those years, its popularity seemingly diminished by pop or hip hop or who knows what. But yesterday I was astonished to see that audience was predominantly young, maybe younger than me 🙂 I heard all those young people around me sing Sweet Child of Mine and Paradise City with the band. They know it all!!! How come? Does that mean that hip hop and pop does not deliver what they are after? Or maybe that music delivers what coca cola does – a short shot of fake energy?

Maybe that is it – pop is like candy, you get a sugar rush and it goes away. You need another candy. Rock is like steady stream of energy, from Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Metallica, all of them. It’s like a solid base – a rock. You never get bored with those songs. You come back for more, still finding that your soul is jumping to that music. In today’s words, it is real. And so was Slash yesterday – great rock concert. Slash, it has been very good to be able to see you again. Keep on rocking motherfucker.