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I owe you the last part of my Rimowa odyssey… here it is – my wife sold it using local web site marketplace for about 130 EUR cheaper as list price. The case came back from warranty repair (please see related stories here and here) and we posted it there and someone bought it. Apparently Rimowa forgot to put the keys from the lock in the suitcase  – or whoever was making the repair forgot about them. Buyer checked the trolley and keys were not there, since I didn’t take them out (what for?) those were never there…

I am glad to be rid of it. It was anyway not practical for me. I need such trolley to carry lap top, documents, sometimes change of clothes for one day and a book. When I get on board of the airplane, I take the book out – and from Rimowa it was very difficult, as the case was stiff and you could not really get the sides far enough apart to take anything out… See here:


Book would also not fit into the front pocket (well, not a thick book, maybe very thin). All the rest of the compartments were of the same size and divided with some sort of cardboard. Those were Ok for a lot of papers, but not much else… Anyway: gone is gone. I will buy some cheap stuff for money I got… and not be mad when it will break. Will simply buy another one.