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I started this three years ago, and keeping up with self-inflicted tradition, here are some stats added to last year’s (from here):

………………………First Year            Second Year      Third Year     Total

Books read          25                      20                       34                 79

Posts                   130                    78                       74                 282

Followers             74                      75                       70                 219

Hits                     3365                   5384                  4707             13456

It does not look THAT bad… but I need to shape up. Work pressure (and courses I did), plus ever more travelling contributed to lower number of posts. I guess that this is also a reason for more books – I always read when travelling. Airplane rides and lonely hotel nights…

One could think that travelling should give me a lot of food for posts (even I thought so last year), but it actually does not. I think that reason for this is that my travel is mostly work, not pleasure or exploring. I also review hotels (restaurants and attractions too) I am staying with at TripAdvisor and I am not repeating this here.

For the third time, to all of you who are still with me: Thank You!