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I am just an observer and user of the world today and whatever comes to my mind when I reflect on whatever is going on today does not belong to optimistic side of the coin. I am dissatisfied with humans all together and would like to move to a little shack at the sea. Away from it all.

Away from South Africa, which I recently visited – where I could witness growing problems, despite optimistic propaganda. If you wanted to visit that country, do it now, because shortly there may be nothing to visit – it will disappear under its own shit like Venice under water. I wrote about this once – democracy (at least that funny kind of democracy they have there) sometimes can be a curse word. For anyone who was never there or did not live there, what I am implying sounds like a blasphemy. Maybe it does – but whoever lives there (and happens to be white), will use much heavier words than me.

I want to be as far as possible from Russia, their rockets and Putin. Ah, of course as far away as possible from their kind of democracy. I also want to be as far away as possible from fat German Merkel with her policy of preserving whatever Germans happen to have in exchange for closing her eyes to obvious events coming from the big bear country. Whole Europe would rather not say (or do, since they do talk a lot) much in order to preserve status quo. Business takes precedence over dead bodies. I wonder how long – possibly until someone will drive a tank through their pretty picture windows.