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We have a new World Champion – Germany. If you like it or not, they were the best, not because they had the best single players, but because they, as a team, were the best in all aspects of the game.

Germans didn’t cry like babies every five minutes, showing that they can handle the pressure. Brasil, as a team, obviously could not, what made them also forget how to play. I was disappointed by the lack of heart – not in the first game against Germany, but the second with Holland. If they had ANY class, they should have won that one. At least that one. But they gave up.

Germans didn’t worship any one of their players. No Messis, Neymars, Robbens, Ronaldos, whatever. Single player maybe can influence the game, but rarely can win it – especially at this level.

Germans didn’t play tiki-taka, only good football. Spain with their schematic play has been (thankfully) removed from the Cup. I hope that tiki-taka will be gone too. It was boring.

Germans are the new World Champions.

One other thing is worth mentioning: the technology is now so developed, that analysts can dissect any game and any player. Strategy can be made almost on the fly, anyone can prepare themselves for the game against anyone (unless you play in dark forests of Mordor). You know how many kilometers players run and what area they cover. You know where they stand and what their role is. From that data you can draw conclusions and adapt – or even create – your own strategy, using players you have. I think that this is how (at least partially) tiki-taka was taken apart. But I hope that this trend will not kill the game or make it boring in the sense that all teams play the same way. This trend is there anyway due to the fact that many South American players play in Europe, but it can (or it is) strengthened by technology. We will see where this all leads…