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Yesterday we took a drive to Mariazell, but instead of quicker highway route (which is quicker) we have chosen to drive through the scenic, mountain drive along the road 21.

Drive routeThis is also one of the most popular biker routes here in Austria and justifiably so. The road has a lot of twists and turns and views on the way are spectacular:

DSC_0407-MontageThe town of Mariazell is very picturesque. Of course the Basilica (target of Christian pilgrimages) is dominating the town centre, but surrounding buildings are well worth a look. At this time of the year the place was already bustling with people, it wasn’t though full – you could still easily find a place to sit at one of many coffee shops.

DSC_0417-Montage DSC_0423If you will have a day to spare in Vienna, taking that trip will give you a little bit of everything: nature (mountains, forests and lake nearby), architecture (basilica inside is beautiful), culture and culinary experiences (Mariazell is famous also for its gingerbread cakes).