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During one of the interviews which I heard when watching Soccer World Cup transmissions someone said that today’s footballers no longer play with passion, they play because this is their job. In other words, its more about the money than other values, such as representing a country, or striving for a result such as World Cup. This is, possibly, a reason why many football players do not really care that much about playing good for the national teams. Those do not pay that well, or equally well, as their clubs.

In order to fix that I think that we would need to find people with passion, who can still find the reward in representing their country. I would find them through a reality show (sort of talent show). First I would divide a country in regions, and in each there would be auditions for good players, where such things as speed, proficiency, technique, age, etc would play a role. Then chosen players would be asked to build teams, or teams would be build for them. Those teams would compete with each other and best players from such teams would qualify for the next round of team play. All this until 50 players would be chosen from whole country. At this stage a good trainer would take over in order to prepare them for the matches with teams of national league in order to choose final team. The prize of the show would be to play against the national team.

The show would take a year and as such maybe it would not be so popular for the TV, but wouldn’t it be good to see how some amateurs kick ass of so-called professionals?