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After my last post friend of mine touched on interesting point: does rule “buy cheap and throw it away when its broken” apply to everything? Short answer: no. But it surprisingly applies to more and more stuff.

Recent comparison test by Austrian Automobile club ÖAMTC between VW Polo, Hyundai i20, Ford Fiesta, Renault Clio and Seat Ibiza saw Hyundai as unlikely winner. Better than VW, which came second. Cost? Approx. 10.000 EUR. Price tag of VW was almost 15.000 EUR. That is smart cheap.

Friend of mine bought cheap suitcase in Chinese shop in Italy. After he packed it and lifted it up, handle broke – exactly like you would expect. He took it to the shop where owner apologized (blaming everything on factory error), replaced the broken bag with a new one and added another – of my friend’s choice – on top of that. Suitcase cost: 15 EUR. That is service and smart cheap.

Anything, what you use frequently and your life does not depend on it can be bought cheap. No health damaging stuff, such as plastic clothes or killer toys. Everything else qualifies – and there is more and more of it. That by throwing away we may not be environmentally friendly? Well, expensive stuff also needs to be thrown away some day. Even quicker, when service coming with it is not worth a damn.