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Since my last contact with Lufthansa Shop of customer support I have received three messages:

One dated 2nd of May, where I was thanked for my message and told that the issue I mentioned to them in my last message is being checked upon.

Same day I got another message, this time they thanked me for my phone call – which I never made.

Today, meaning on the 5th of May, I was told that I should send the trolley back and that they will repair it. I need to tell them when the service is to come and pick it up, meaning I have to go through the same hassle I already went through in order to get my damn 300 EUR plus piece of luggage repaired.

The odyssey is going forward.

By the way: here are the pictures of small straps, one of them unglued, the other correctly attached. This should show you the quality of Rimowa crappy workmanship… and silly thinking on their part.

IMG_0498 IMG_0500