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On the 13th of March I ordered a Rimowa business trolley, big, black. I used it once and here is what I wrote as a comment on shop web site (here you can view the 379 EUR trolley) on the 8th of April:

“Part of my disappointment with this product is its lack of practicability – the pockets inside are designed in such a way that it is somewhat difficult to pack it when you leave for a two-day trip or so and you need all your toiletries and clothes with you. The second part is that one of the straps holding a cover of one of the compartments “unglued” itself – shabby workmanship. I expected much more from Rimowa and will rather not buy any other of their products. Other manufacturers are cheaper and much better on both counts – practical and quality.”

Worldshop reacted to my review with the following message dated 9th of April:

“Thank you for your customer rating. We have checked your information and apologize for any inconvenience regarding your ordered article 1691713 ‘Lufthansa Bolero Collection, Business trolley, large, black’. If you want to return the article, you are allowed to do this within the cancellation period of four weeks. We will gladly arrange for your article to be picked up. As soon as we receive your answer, we will process your inquiry.”

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised, but on the other hand if luggage costs as much as it costs, some level of service could be expected. I decided to return the trolley, having to pack it up properly as Worldshop would not accept just an item, it had to be in a box. Finally they picked it up on the 16 th of April.

15 days later(today) finally an answer from Worldshop (it was in German):

“Item returned by you has arrived at our central warehouse and we have checked it throughly. Unfortunately during that check we have found signs of usage (scratches) on corner protectors and feet. Unfortunately we have to inform you that because of this we cannot accept your return. We will send the trolley back to you with a letter shortly.”

Not a word about “unglued” strap, not a word about warranty. Nothing. All of a sudden nice service turned into another “fuck off” answer. I wrote them today as well, thanking them for a lesson – not to buy through Lufthansa Worldshop anymore. Now I am not only disappointed with Rimowa (when I will eventually get it back I will write here my reasons for not liking it), I am even more disappointed with Lufthansa Worldshop. Consider yourself warned.