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In my travels I noticed that airlines started to sell emergency exist seats more and more. I am a bit annoyed at that, to be honest. In the past, lady or gentleman at the check in counter decided who will be seated at the exit row, as the passenger (at least this is what it was written on the safety card in the seat pocket in front of you) should be able, physically and mentally, to follow the instructions of the crew. In other words, a passenger should not be deaf, blind, obese, weak, under-age etc. He / she must be able to react quickly and throw the door out the hole when told to do so. How does that pan with selling those seats online?? Well, I guess that if something will happen and bunch of passengers will not get out, there will be no one to tell the story, right? I wonder when the airlines will start selling the seats next to the pilot for couple of thousand bucks a trip. I bet that would be a hit.

On other, complete random and not related note, I just found a new annoying feature of my iPhone 4s. I always knew it was crap, but now I have additional proof: on Nokia, when I set the alarm on the phone and then switched it off, the phone would still ring the alarm. Very useful feature, as when you sleep in funny times (like when you go to bed at 5 in the morning) you don’t want a stray call to wake you up. Guess what? I set the alarm on the iPhone, I switch it off and it stayed off. Not a beep when it was supposed to raise an alarm. I am happy that I also set the hotel alarm clock…