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Few months ago I was unlucky enough to be one of the passengers of the Alitalia flight from Rome to Buenos Aires. I posted the story here. I mentioned in that post that we (there were three of us) will seek damages from the airline as per the European Union law. We have tried to do this – we went directly to the airline, we didn’t succeed, which was not too surprising. Then we decided to try to use services of one of the organisations feeding off such events – this one was called Fairplane (here is their website). Basically they promise you to take your case to courts if need be and to pay you approx. 75% off the damages you’d get – they live off the other 25%. But that didn’t work either. As an explanation we received the same story we heard before – that the bad weather was to blame, not the crew work times.

I am not satisfied, obviously. I really don’t trust either the airline or the Fairplane. The one will definitely do all (as they already did) to avoid any responsibility, the others will only go that far to protect my laws, as they don’t want to incur too much cost in the process. All they do is wage paper war, hoping that the airline will budge. But if it doesn’t… well, apparently our case was not worth pursuing. The story is over, I am disappointed… but no one cares.