Last weekend I had a chance to visit Gdansk and its beautiful old town. I was there as a kid, many years ago, and I was curious if anything has changed. I am somewhat disappointed to say that not much… The town people don’t seem to care about their own city, or its appearance. In the alleys leading to major tourist attractions you can see dirt all over the place, garbage, unkempt greenery, old building materials strewn here and there. Worse yet, in between amber shops you can find a kebab shop, something completely out-of-place. Krakow managed to clean up its act and streets, Gdansk is long way behind. Shame – as the old town is still great and worth visiting. Many tourists do even now, when its cold and unfriendly. But what impressions will those people carry home with them?

Here some (cleaner) images from the city, shot with my iPhone:

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