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There are so many meanings to both words above that it no longer matters what our ancestors really meant in Greece when they started the movement (or event). Now the games may mean gambling – in form of investment and gain from it. Or political games – who will attend, or visit, and who will not and why. Or competition games, meaning who will get more medals and for what. Or somewhere down the list, the actual athletes – relatively small and forgotten in all the surrounding activities.

And Olympic? Well, how about proportions – the bigger, the better. Or the higher the better. Or whatever. During last games even members of the Olympic Charter have said themselves, that if it goes like this, next games will have to take place in paradise. And there is a lot of truth in those words.

I have an idea – a controversial one, for sure – as per how to fix it. It is really simple and not that complicated to set up. First, let the IOC decide what are values they really want to promote. I mean, really really REALLY. Money? OK, what is the minimum the games should cost? sportsmanship? OK, for professionals or for amateurs only (with clear distinction in between the two). Or something other, like human rights? Based on report of some organisation recognized for expertise in the area outside of the IOC itself would be good.

And then, just pick countries which would qualify as members based on those values. If the values are not upheld, good-bye. Immediately. No questions asked. No maybe’s or other whiny pleas. Once a year, review. Done.

Only the members of the Charter (for example for 4 years running) would be able to organize the games. You would be able to participate if you’d make a list year before the games and during the games. That would be all – with small caveat: IOC would help financially to organize the event. Give some, gain some.

We would then see if there would be anyone on this planet to be able to keep the tradition running…