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This post is meant as a warning to all tourists travelling to Austria with cars. Recently some gas stations (especially the ones near major highways) decided to install pay turnstiles at the entrances to the toilettes. Up to recently, all were free – or had the usual cleaning lady with her plate for coins. Now no more. If you drive and want to piss badly, you may want to piss at the turnstile as a sign of protest. I am seriously considering doing it myself.

Why? Well, after you have paid for the privilege of using the pisser, you will get a receipt with a bar code which can be used towards any purchases at the gas stations. Since majority of the people leave the toilette as a last thing to do, no one gets to use that code. If stations really had to install those gates (toilettes are definitely not cleaner because of that), they could give you the ticket (or tickets, if you were there with a family) to enter as part of your purchase right there where you were paying for your gas or coffee. All would be well and there would be no mathematical difference. If you have no change and ask for help, the explanation is “the other company owns the gates, we don’t, we can’t do anything”. Typical example of shitty customer service (pun intended).

Beware of Austrian gas stations, tourists. Better go pee in the woods.