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I have to admit that I am glad that this year nears its end. It wasn’t good – at least in terms of what was happening around me, with and to people I know and cherish. My good friend passed away, many of my friends and work colleagues have cancer. It is so bad, that I am afraid to go to a doctor – odds are definitely not in my favour. Here and now I know that at some of those who got that fucking disease will possibly not make it through the next year, so I need to be prepared, although I don’t want to, I want to cling to smallest rays of hope. It pushes me down and tires me – I hate this feeling of helplessness. Seems like life turned around again and I entered age when people from my nearest circle slowly walk away…

I wish you all that you don’t have to go through anything like this. I wish you all just health – rest you can somehow buy, steal, work on. May your families be healthy too, may your friends be healthy. This is (however lame this sounds) truly the richest of riches. I don’t really give a rats ass about anything else.

Be healthy. Have a Merry Christmas, have many of them for years to come.