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I mentioned already that I am reading “Big Data” by V. Mayer-Schönberger and K. Cukier, now that I finished it, I wanted to share some thoughts.

The book itself should be read by all who have at least minimal interest in what surrounds us, or in direction where we, as humanity or as community, are going. The subject of the book is already reality for all, we cannot stop it anymore, same as we could not stop industrial age or progress in general. As in those previous revolutions, this one – although much quieter – will definitely affect us all, one way or the other. Authors try to present us with most of the good and bad things approach to big data may bring, they even try to present us with some legal frameworks to ensure that this new digital god will not become devil. Only time will tell if they will be right.

One thing is for sure: we, as individuals, will need to change with big data. If we will stop invasion of privacy of a single person, we will need to act in thousands, if not nations. If we will want to get cure for our particular genetic disease, or cancer, we will need to share our data with companies having necessary tools to provide us with cure. Right now, since we all don’t really know (or care) what happens with our “data exhaust”, we just create it merrily going about our lives clutching our smart phones or wearing sensors. The era of big data is already here – only we seem not to heave grasped its consequences yet.