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I have been neglecting WordPress for a while now and I am sorry for it, but there is some stuff going on:

  • still reading a lot, will update my book list soon. I am reading now “Big Data“, in my opinion one of the truly must-read books, at least if you want to know what future will bring. Last one I read, called “The Magic of Thinking Big” is pretty much a waste of time, at least for me.
  • still learning a lot, now at the end of two courses from EDX, one Behavioural Economics and other Computer Science (this time with MIT). I am almost done, will post certificates here if and when I will get them 🙂
  • travelling a lot, I will post my stats as usual at the end of the year, but I am now approaching 140 days on the road this year.
  • I missed your reaction to this picture:

DSC_0030_B&WI liked it, although of course many of you would not even consider it to be a good photograph. But maybe if I tell you what it is you would change your mind? It is a man polishing shoes (I honestly have no idea how that profession is called) in Buenos Aires. If you look closely, you can see his hands moving working on some shoe, his head moving to the rhythm… Next to him a bucket for some scraps of cloth. A man whose profession is dying. I have not seen many of such guys, even in Vegas they seem to be going away.

Well, do you like that picture better now? 🙂