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I needed a week this time to recover from Vegas trip. Almost every year, on my last day, I manage to make a monkey out of myself, abusing many different things Vegas has to offer (legally). It was different this time only in the way that it was even more excessive than last time… I lost my credit card, almost missed a flight back home, and had a headache to write a book about. But I am here, all in one piece. I am of course not proud of my achievement, but I am also not too sad about it either. This has been one of those experiences which you can squeeze into 10/10/10 framework (I it found in the book “Decisive – How To Make Better Choices In Life And Work” by C. and D. Heath): 10 minutes later I felt embarrassed, 10 months later I will possibly laugh about it and remember it as one of the many adventures I had, 10 years later I will forget it and it will not matter. So it does not really matter now either 🙂