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Sometimes I feel compassion or empathy for people around me, but I cannot really express it correctly. Sometimes I think a lot of coherent thoughts, seemingly easily transferable into words. But many times what I say does not really reflect what I think, or I lose the train of thought when putting it all into words. It’s like I am thinking too fast for my own good… This is what the below poem is about:

My soul, so rich and full of empathy

Tries to free itself from my body

Inadequate frame for a work of art

Screams to be discovered by all of you.

My thoughts, so clear and concise, logical

Try to free themselves from my brain

Inadequate package for apparent genius

Waiting to be discovered by all of you.

Somehow though messages of my thoughts

Feelings of my imprisoned soul

Do not get to you as clearly as they should

Lost in translation of my words and actions.