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I am happy to report that Apple manages to fulfill my prophecy and is on the best way to disappear in not too distant future. I am talking here about the latest iPhone releases – plural, as this time the old phone will not be made cheaper for customers, which cannot afford newest Apple toy. Instead, it will be made different looking, so that everyone will know about it – new fancy colors will not leave any doubt. As a result, we have a “new” phone and a re-hash of older model. All this packaged as release of two new models.

I find those toys too expensive and marketing approach to them too religious for my taste. Second factor, which I think speaks volumes of the Apple’s demise (it will surely take some time, but it comes) is lack of in-house innovation. Re-hashing of old (or somebody else’s) ideas can surely only work only limited time, even if this is supported by superior design. Thirdly, lack of service or arrogant approach to it cannot be tolerated for much longer by even the most patient buyers.

Surely the customers are not that stupid to support such business model for much longer. Or are they?