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I travel a lot. Major part of it is business, some private. As many of you, I also mainly stay in touch using email, one of the accounts I have is Gmail. And this account is by far the one which pisses me off the most.

Every time I am somewhere, Google will not let me simply log in (Facebook does the same crap, by the way, but I am not that much active on Facebook so it is less annoying) only it asks me bunch of questions, which I don’t really want to answer. It suggests some security levels, which I don’t want – my user name and password are enough, I don’t want to give them my phone number or other email address. Leave me alone and let me check my messages! What is the point of having an email if you can only access it (without much trouble of security questions) from your home? What, Google thinks that people don’t move about? Or is it simply an attempt on getting to know as much about you as Google possibly can? If yes, then Google, PLEASE leave me be. What you do irritates the fuck out of me and if it will be like that for much longer, I will just dump you.

Silly thing by Google Gmail is, that you cannot get to your account without jumping through hoops when you are doing it from your desktop, but when you use your iPhone, no problem. Google does not ask for nothing and wham!, you got your messages… Stupid.