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I just passed second year of my blog, so using stats from my first anniversary post (to be found here), I made a little comparison:

First Year            Second Year      Total

Books read          25                      20                       45

Posts                   130                    78                     208

Followers             74                      75                     149

Hits                       3365                  5384              8749

Fewer posts and less read books – meaning, that I either have less time for both, run out of subjects or simply have generally less time on my hands, although this last excuse does not seem to be a valid one, as in the first year I has just about as much on my plate as I do now. I do travel more, but that should just give me more to write about.

I did post some poetry, but still not nearly as much as I could. Same applies to my work – still nothing about it here. I am glad though that I seem to be sticking with it, gaining views in the process. To repeat myself: I wish my blog Happy Birthday and many more years to come 🙂 and to all of you who follow me: Thank You!