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This is the best HDR image I did so far, and I am quite proud of it – after so many tries, finally something worth the effort 🙂 And you know what – I did not even have a tripod with me, I shot that one from a metal fence, resting my camera (an old Nikon D40x) on it. To show the difference, I am also posting a “normal” image below my HDR. What does it tell you? Well, photography today is as much (or even more) efficiency with technology as it is being in the right spot at the right time. Or simply, being lucky. There is another side to it – ability to see something what not everyone can see. The last factor is the one qualifying photography as art, at least for me. Do I qualify? You are the judge. By the way: the picture was taken on the way to a small village on the coast of Garda Lake in Italy.

DSC_8597_8_6_DetailHere the “flat” image:

DSC_8595Technology… 🙂

This is my 200 th post – wow!