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Finally… I returned yesterday from the last of series of trips that took me to four (or maybe three and a half, depending how you count) continents in about three weeks. I went to Ft. Lauderdale (that’s North America), Panama (that’s Middle America, that is why half continent), Europe (Poland, Austria) and finally Macau (Asia). All of those were business trips, but as always, my wife asked me: honey, how was your trip? What did you see? (I am not mentioning the obvious, silent question: what did you bring me?)

Honey, I saw inside of our office in Ft. Lauderdale and couple of houses there from the inside. I managed to have lunch at nice restaurant at the edge of the channel, where on its shores lied some of the most beautiful and expensive houses I ever seen. I saw there a guy and his wife we have met in South Africa, isn’t world a small place? I managed to have one boat trip to the ocean and did some shopping. I managed to buy you wrong size clothes, as usual… although I also got you couple of blouses of the right size 🙂 I saw – or experienced – humidity and poverty, electricity shortages and… big butts of girls enlarging them for us, men, for some reason. I saw work, and few hotel rooms. And couple of restaurants in between. Maybe one or two parties, with the same people as always, where we drunk same drinks as we usually do. No adventures, good or bad, except maybe that the whole trip was an adventure. I spoke to couple of friends I haven’t seen since my last trip to that area. I met some new people, where most I will possibly forget, since we will unlikely have any reason to stay in touch. I haven’t had a chance to explore… but that is not what I was sent there for. That’s about it, honey…

After such speech, my wife – or anyone I tell it to – seems to be disappointed. Not believing, that after being in all those places, all you can bring back are some iPhone shots and few sentences. But that is, in many cases, the reality of business travel. I am just glad that it’s over, but I am grateful that I could do it. Despite all the tight schedule and work loaded days, I observed, lived, experienced. And that all adds to the knowledge I have. I am richer, but oh, soooo tired… 🙂