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Time to share some private philosophy…I am blessed by the opportunity to be surrounded by some very intelligent people. I mean, really smart. People coming from intelligence families, with titles and what not. I like them, I am happy to count them as my friends.

But there is one thing which makes me uneasy in their presence. They tend to disregard less intelligent people or not so smart people as they are. They derogate them in their speech, smirk or joke (not openly, only between themselves) about them. As those people would not exist. Not in their world.

But we do exist. We all have something to say, reason to believe, to live. We are not all super smart. We are humans. I much prefer people who are in their superiority of intelligence trying to understand us little people and teach us, not laugh at us. I much rather prefer intelligence leading to wisdom, not to arrogance of own convictions. Those are often right, but seldom perfect. Many times correct, but as many times hurting. Aloofness is a very comfortable stance, but is it leading anywhere? Teach me, lead me, or ignore me. But respect all of me. We all come from somewhere, and we should all – stupid or smart – at least try to understand each other.