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I completed my longest run ever yesterday, during 30th Vienna City Marathon (here is a link to more information). Great event, lots of people, great atmosphere – I am really glad that I was there. I was a part of a relay (first stage), where each of four runners needs to complete the following distances: 16.1 km – 5.7 km – 9.1 km – 11.295 km. My time: 1:51:16, a very satisfactory result :), which gives me hope for my first half marathon in September (this one here). I am especially happy about the time as I didn’t really train for the event, I mean I run, but not regularly… enough :). I had long breaks due to winter – I know, I am just lazy… This is why I had to walk few hundred meters at km 14.5 – my brain wanted to go on, but my legs didn’t. If I want to complete the half marathon, I know that I will need to give it more effort. Weather should be nicer up to September, so that should no longer provide an excuse not to train. Got to get off my butt and do something…

Here are some iPhone images from the start of the VCM event, I was amazed at the number of people who took part (some statistics from this web site: “A record number of 41,326 runners had entered the various events of the Vienna City Marathon. 10,588 of them were marathon runners. The event is an IAAF Gold Label Road Race.“):

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