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Some time ago, right at the beginning of the new year, we have decided to spend our Easter Holidays in a different way. Usually we stayed home, cooked or made our traditional meals, and enjoyed longer weekend. This time we decided to spend Easter in deep Polish country side. The aim was to enjoy new (at least to us) places, nature and of course home-made food. I am happy to say that we have managed to fulfil almost all our plans – we could not enjoy nature as much as we wanted to because of the winter, which decided to stay longer as usual.

The area is beautiful and almost untouched by industrial dirt, which on one side (unemployment) is not so good, but on the other offers pure waters, abundance of birds and other animals, and of course great countryside landscapes. One can find there many water preserves with specially made paths through them, which we could not enjoy due to snow covering everything as far as one could see. But what we saw left us hungry for more and an idea to go back there is already growing at the back of my head.

If you will decide to visit, the best way to get there is to fly to Warsaw and rent a car to drive the remaining 180 km in the direction of Bialystok. You need to turn off the main road towards Tykocin, Kiermusy lie right next to that small town. Be careful though: the road to Bialystok is very dangerous. It has only two lanes and is full of trucks and other slow vehicles going to and from Latvia and Belarus. Other drivers, trying to overtake those slowly moving cars, are taking great risks. Plan about three hours to get there.

This is what awaits you when you will finally reach Kiermusy:

DSC_8062This is one of the houses with rooms for rent – inside it has all you need to comfortably spend the time. Even internet, although weak. There is very weak mobile reception and electricity sometimes goes out, but they have their own generators. All this – lack of modern stuff – made this place more attractive to us 🙂

DSC_8120This is the second house with spacious 8 rooms, we have stayed in that one. From the first to the second there is about 400 metres of dirt road, which is difficult to pass after heavy rains.

DSC_8064Right next to the first house there is this one – a place where you eat (which also has some rooms upstairs). There is no fixed menu and price list is difficult to find, the cook comes up with three different dishes for each day (and one soup and some desserts) from which you need to choose your food. Regardless of what you will have, all is fresh and home-made. In one word: excellent. Don’t forget to drink some locally made vodka – there are about six different kinds to choose from, of various tastes and strengths.

DSC_8078-MontageThis is how the restaurant looks like from the inside.



This is how the Easter Breakfast looked like. We enjoyed it very much 🙂 This was also in the main restaurant.

Kominek 3As last image, this is a different version of the HDR image I already posted few days ago.

The place of course has many things to offer (check their website) in addition to tranquility and good food, including unique (the only one in Europe) private bison farm. I really want to go back there – in the summer – to see what I missed.