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Reading “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman gave me an idea of proper setup of company’s organisation. Kahneman’s book is of course about us, humans, and our two systems governing our reactions: System 1, which is automatic, intuitive, quick, without sense of voluntary control and System 2, which is activated when complex computations are needed, is deliberate, requires effort and is associated with making a choice.

Our organisations should be built that way. System 1 should run automatically, have pre-programmed culture and reactions, in order to take care of every day tasks without en effort. The programming of System 1 should of course be done by System 2 in such a way, as to limit inference in daily operations leading, hopefully, to fulfillment of organisational goals or strategies seemingly without a conscious effort.

System 2 should be activated whenever a complicated choice or action is required, where the System 1 is not able to handle it on its own. It also should be activated when re-programming of System 1 is needed in times of great organisational change.

I have not divided System 1 and System 2 in terms of organisational charts, as each member of the team (worker, manager) should know when to switch the System 2 on. In all other cases, System 1 should automatically take care of all decisions or actions.