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Yesterday I have finished another book by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, “The Bed of Procrustes – Philosophical and Practical Aphorisms” and below please find a couple which I personally liked the most. Those will also land in my Favourite Passages section of the Books I Read page:

“Using, as an excuse, others’ failure of common sense is in itself a failure of common sense.”

“If you know, in the morning, what your day looks like with any precision, you are a little bit dead – the more precision, the more dead you are.”

“There is no intermediate state between ice and water but there is one between life and death: employment.”

“The only objective definition of aging is when a person starts to talk about aging.”

“Nothing is more permanent than “temporary” arrangements, deficits, truces, and relationships; and nothing is more temporary than “permanent” ones.”

“Friendship that ends was never one; there was at least one sucker in it.”

There are many more I liked in that book, but I don’t want to copy them all here. I hope though that above samples hooked you enough to buy and read the (small) book.