Americans, I am so sorry. I truly am. My heart goes out to parents of those kids, to the whole small community of Sandy Hook, to survivors.

I hope that you will start thinking and looking for answers, but I also hope that search for those answers will go beyond the question of weapons and their abundance and relative ease of purchase in your country.

I hope that at least part of this search will be directed towards an answer to the following question: why almost every crazy, mad, stupid, publicity seeking motherfucker goes to school to kill? We all don’t know (yet) what his reasons for that heinous crime were, but we will find out. I still wonder though why all of them feel that in their rage they have to take other lives with them. Look for an answer to that, as unfortunately there will be enough crazy people in the future and there will be enough stuff around for them to use to destroy lives – even if guns are going to be banned altogether.