Almost exactly year ago I posted my first travel stats after using the TripIt site for a year (original post can be found here). Since 2012 is almost over, here is the list of what I did this year, compared to last:


  • 28 trips
  • 107 days on the road (which is almost a third of the year – I didn’t realize myself that it was so much…)
  • 91.906 km (which is more than twice around the world)
  • 21 cities
  • 17 countries


  • 24 trips
  • 100 days on the road
  • 109.633 km
  • 18 cities
  • 16 countries

Results are clear – almost the same. Still it amazes me how travel became (for me, at least) an everyday thing. I am sure there are a lot of people who do not travel at all, for various reasons… One thing is sure: we all have no chance to see all there is to see in this world.