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There is something I need to say in order to be fair. Since I was praising the Emirates and bitching about Austrian, I need to follow through. I flew recently again with Emirates, and although the service on board was very good, each flight was about an hour late. Those were four flights (two to Manila and two back) in business class. All of the flights were delayed because of the “incoming aircraft”, which happened to be also Emirates flight.

Secondly, Emirates offers great entertainment programme, but in each of the four airplanes I flew on something malfunctioned in the audio-video system. Few times crew had to reset the whole thing (repeatedly), forcing us to wait for the system to start again. Not a big deal, of course, but I am a believer in the law of small things – if you stop paying attention to small things (such as functioning entertainment system), bigger things are to follow.

Here it is, Emirates is now behind Turkish airlines on my personal list.