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I saw “Skyfall” some time ago already, but I left the cinema with mixed feelings and I didn’t know if I liked that movie or not. It was apparently nagging me somehow, finally today I realized that no, I didn’t like it. Bond should be Bond – I expect gadgetry, fast cars, chases, cool fights and women… beautiful, plentiful, and in his bed. I expect Bond to be invincible, smart, unbeatable, gun totting, straight shooting, martini drinking Casanova with ego as big as London. I didn’t get all that.

I suppose that the company making the movie, due to lack of funds, went for… whatever that was. Hard to say. Cheap tricks made connection to other Bond movies, but the character itself was a… pussy, although generally Craig as a Bond was cool (maybe he was too touchy-feely, but definitely masculine enough). There are plenty of movies about tired and abused agents, which cannot find their asses with both hands. There is only one Bond (him being only one is also a good thing – too many Bonds would not be good at all). But leave him alone. Give me my Bond back!