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Everyone (or at least, almost everyone I know) has one – a smart phone. But at the same time most of the owners of such phones complain about that or other feature. Email client does not work properly, camera is not good enough, MP3 player or radio is missing, screen too small or too big. I personally think that phones today are not smart at all, those offer too many features and none of them works really exceptionally good. All of them are good enough, or acceptable. And that for me is not enough. Bunch of acceptable features is… mediocre. Humans can do better.

What I came up with as a new idea for smart phone manufacturer (such as Nokia for example) is to change its business model (at least in smart phones segment). Price it the same way – all of them should cost the same – but allow your customers to pick features they want in the phone themselves, of course in addition to few standard ones. In effect, Nokia should say: our newest model will have excellent display, calendar, clock, phone and text messaging as standard, the rest is for you free to choose. If you pick only four additional features, those will work exceptionally well. If eight, those will be average, like today. Of course number of features defined as standard or additional ones could change, I am using four and eight as an example.

But that way, I could have a nice phone with exceptional GPS (with maps), Email, MP3 and Radio. Rest – social networks, camera, photos, whatever – would not even be there. Advantages? Well, longer battery life, usability, etc.

But maybe it is only me who would like to have a phone which is actually very good in some things, not average in all things…