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Here last set of images from my trip to Salt Mine in Wieliczka:

When walking through the mine you will have scale such stairs. In the old days, steps were carved in salt, but such steps are too dangerous for us, mere tourists. Of course those would also not last long – salt mine receives about a million tourists a year.

Miners are very religious people and there are many smaller chapels in the mine, all of them with sculptures carved in salt. This chapel above was created over sixty years of work by three different people, where one continued after the other. Such empty halls are the result of salt being removed, many of those need support beams (white wooden structure on the left) all over to protect the ceiling from caving in.Above such support beams as I mentioned – here though those cover whole floor of the hall. The chandelier was added recently and is approx. six metres high.The mine also has some underground lakes, as you can see above. The wooden pathway surrounding the hall is not open to tourists.