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Possibly like everyone else I have too watched the hurricane hit the shores of the USA and create havoc. But the images shown on TV and stories told by many news agencies are just stories for me, sitting comfortably thousand of miles away from the scene of latest events. What makes me feel closer to all the people suffering now are the posts like this one here and many more you can find on the net generally or WordPress in particular; posts coming straight from the hearts of fellow humans who have to fight it on.

When you look at the images on TV, please remember one thing: Sandy didn’t hit New York. It hit people. People like you and me, people who now, in the 21st century, are finding out how it is to live without almost everything we all learned to take for granted. All catastrophes hit people – in New Orleans, Florida, everywhere. It is us who are affected. No one can help us except us ourselves too.

There is a big temptation to politicize the whole nature catastrophe issue, blaming it on politicians doing nothing against climate change. Yes, they are at fault, but partially we are at fault too. We can’t have all those nice things, cheap, and enjoy good climate too. Think about it next time you throw out good food, used battery, plastic packaging…

But let us leave this for now. Now, important is that those people affected by Sandy get help. From other people.