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Popular Science, a magazine I like although I am neither Scientific nor I am that much Popular, had at least two articles recently which I found rewarding. Both of them are about botched iPhone 5 release, especially about the botched map function on that phone. One is here, nicely picturing Berlin right smack in the middle of Antarctic. The other one is here, that one shows a park in Dublin, called Airfield, which iPhone decided is an airport. I laughed. And laughed again.

Am I allowed? Sure I am. Great Apple finally botched something important to users of their rehashed ideas, so that finally many people see that they are not infallible. Maybe this will serve as an eye opener to all the other things Apple does because. Yeah, just because. We are Apple, you are iSheep. Just make sure you read that correctly.

My company stuffed an iPhone 4 down my throat, even though I didn’t want it (I find it a nice toy, nothing else – and I wanted a phone). Now at least I have a reason not to want it even more. But maybe this time I will be heard. Oh, I sure hope so. And I don’t really care what phone I will get in return, as far as it will be a phone. Not a toy, which puts Berlin on the South Pole (or was it a North Pole?) and confuses Airfield with an airport. And does lots of other funny things. I haven’t been a fan for quite a while, now I am even less. Apple should know that things can turn sour and treating customers like sheep (just read it correctly) will eventually bite them.