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I just finished reading “A Little History of The World” by E. H. Gombrich, a book which in one volume describes a history of the world in a language suitable for younger readers. As one of the commentaries on the back cover mentions, this tone is similar to grandfather telling tales to its grand children. It is then a book where the history is simplified, diluted to its most important events, and this is what (possibly) has made me sad. Because it turned out that the history of the world is nothing else as one long history of atrocities, murder and destruction. It begins with prehistorical events and wars and ends with explosion of atomic bombs. It is, when you read it like that, very sad.

Maybe if someone studies history at length, more exact so to speak, there are periods in it which we as human race could be proud of. But in general, this book made me realise that humans are nothing else but savage animals. We experience it even now, some of us actively taking part (or being victims of) various constantly ongoing wars or acts of terrorism in the name of this or that; others by ignoring those wars or acts. Only very few try to prevent them. Too few.

Maybe this is why the last sentence in the book does not say that we already live in the better times, only that we can continue to hope that those will some day come.