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Finally, after months of working on it, my poetry collection is there, available for all to be bought and read at will… (you can buy it here, if you wish).

My first attempt at fame in poetry was a book called “Simple Words”, which I published with Minerva Press publishing house, in the UK. Here is the link to Amazon site, which was selling my book, and here is the link to some information about Minerva, if you are interested. This “publishing house” got my money (they have apparently ripped off many more authors like me) and did not much more, so I got discouraged for quite a while.

I knew that my poems were not necessarily a Nobel prize material, but I thought that maybe some of my friends would still like to own a book I wrote, so sometime this year I came up with an idea to publish it myself, through a web site called Lulu. They are upfront about their costs, web site is done very well and the effect… Well, here is the story:

This was the first version of the new book, and when I got it, I quickly realised that the format was not right for the poetry book. The thing was too big, had soft cover, and I was not happy with it. I also decided to change the title, since I could not use the old title anymore. Inside, pages had a lot of white space, too much for my liking, so back to drawing board I went…

I changed the title to what it is now and I changed the format of the book. It became a hard cover book, with a paper jacket cover. I liked some things about it, but some were still wrong. Look at the top image – the jacket was getting damaged already, the title was in a wrong place and in wrong colours, my name was almost invisible… I also found some typos. Well, back to Lulu I went for the next version:

Now this was my second attempt at the title, which I didn’t like any more than I did in the previous version. It was in the wrong place, somehow this alignment to the right didn’t work like I wanted it to. See also bottom image of the back cover – there is a typo in a date (says 27.0 August), which was obviously wrong. But I liked colour combination, format and feel of the hard cover. Pages were also nicely done, print was good, so I kept on improving the design. Here I need to give credit where it is due – my friend M. helped me a lot, especially looking for those typos… Finally, here is the last version, this is what you will get if you will buy the book:

Here it is… It’s still not perfect (M. found already one more typo), but I will leave it like that. I am happy that I have finished this project and that it took shape. I hope that you will enjoy it when you will buy it… and thank you for any comments you may have after you have read it.