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Life is nothing but a series of crossroads, where you, every time standing in front of a choice, need to decide if you want to go left or right. Each following path leads, sooner or later, to another fork in the road. There is no turning back, and there is no map. Sometimes your decision leads you to a great night with your friends next to a fireplace in a house somewhere, sometimes to lonely evening on the couch in front of your TV. Sometimes you are happy that your decisions took you to a certain place, sometimes you curse your stupidity.

Nothing helps on the way – being older makes you maybe more hesitant before making a turn, but it does not make you immune to wrong choices, although the true value of some of those choices comes out only much later during the trip. At certain stage consequences of decisions made touch not only you, but also people close to you, who have joined you as consequence of their (and your) choices. The trip is not easy, but you cannot stop and have to keep on walking. Despite all this I am still curious where my choices will take me. Tomorrow will show. Each one of tomorrows.