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As part of our trips around Austrian mountains and hills we have chosen Hohe Wand, which is a rock formation about 10 km in length, approximately 40 minutes by car from Vienna. Some more information about it, along with two web cams, can be found here. The whole walk is about 3 to 4 hours, maybe longer, depending on time you are going to spend in various restaurants on the way. Some of the views are so breathtaking, that you may be mesmerized by them and simply forget to move forward. Here are some images from that trip, also courtesy of Agnieszka Mialkowska:

This view towards Schneeberg awaits you right at the beginning of the walk. We were lucky, weather was fine, although this morning was raining as hell.

Here is the overview of this nature preserve. We have started from the parking lot near letter “D”, went left through L, N, I and M, mastered the most difficult part of the walk near “3”, and through b and F went back to D. After that we took a drive to sky walk marked on the map below “H”.

We saw a lot of mushrooms on the way, possibly because this is a nature preserve and you not supposed to take anything away with you.

Undisturbed nature…

…breathtaking views…

… and beautiful weather made this a perfect day.

This is the sky walk, from there you can (as you see above) also enjoy great views. Not far from that place there is a para-gliding school, the rocks are used very often for climbing trips. All in all, really great place, well worth a visit.